Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday cycle Sep 6

Up at 7.30, to catch the empty Sunday morning lanes. Most people are still abed, apart from a few farming types in landrovers. They either speed past me, not bothering to slow, or cruise past,  peering suspiciously at me. It is a flat, overcast day, with rain forecast. Not much is happening; a crowd of young, just-released pheasant lolly-lagging stupidly all over the road, as likely to get run over as shot when the season gets going.

Bolshy bullocks, looking aggrieved and curious. I am expanding my ride today, to explore pastures new. It is only a few miles from home, but to a non-driver, it seems another country. My goldfish bowl is getting larger, the fitter I get.

Dopey rabbits breakfasting in the road, just realising that they are not alone. As I cycle up and down the hilly way home, 'proper' cyclists are emerging for the day. They barely acknowledge me on my rustbucket, whizzing past in lycra and sunglasses.

I managed about ten miles today and discovered one of the best views of our patch. It looks tiny here, but if you click get a little piece of my morning. (Don't worry, it only goes to my Flickr page, and the full size panorma!)

High points - a buzzard flying over almost over my head as I disturbed his perch. Some of the most amazing views and discovering another astonishingly pretty and undisturbed village.

Low point - Aching legs. This cycle was much hillier than I am used to, and I confess I had to get off and walk up one or two steep inclines.


  1. Very enjoyable and lovely to see this part of the world through your lens and eyes now that I've left it... I need to learn how to mend punctures so I can get out my own rust bucket again. xXx

  2. Thank you for starting up this view of Cotswold Peeps. The views are all splendid. I love you happening upon various animals along the way.

    The colors in the landscape are combinations that I do not see over here, even in the leafiest parts of the park.

    Ten miles? Wow! That is truly impressive.

    Best wishes. xo

  3. Aaahhhh, bless you for creating this blog :) ~ER~

  4. I want to live in your part of the world! Beautiful scenery everywhere... lucky you.

    I couldn't use the Flickr link in this post as your Flickr page is private, but the panorama image on your blog enlarged enough for me to enjoy the view and imagine I was there :o)


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