Friday, 25 September 2009

Quick pootle Sep 25

The weather here is behaving like a remorseful friend who knows they have let you down badly and wants to make amends. After another poor summer and losing our tomatos to blight for the third year running, we are enjoying some blissfully warm sunshine. Despite having enough work to keep me busy all day, I am still making time first thing in the morning to take Hercules out for our regular spin. One of the prettiest spots is the old orchard on the corner of a road.

If this were ours, there would be no apples on the tree, they would have been harvested long ago. As I took these shots, the sheep on the other side of the road came bleating up to the gate, surprisingly bold and curious.

High point - watching three buzzards lazily surf the thermals, circling high over the woods.

Low point - rude SUV drivers. Please slow down and indicate if you are turning off; I break easily.


  1. Yes, SUV drivers, do be careful of PG......around here they talk on their cell phones while cutting you off....lovely pics :~)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! love your blog*_*

  3. PG, again I thank you for giving me the chance to get way away from this city via your adventures on the trusty Hercules.

    I so agree with your thoughts about that apple tree.

    Best wishes ... I do look forward to your next post. xo


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