Thursday, 3 September 2009

Country walk September 3rd

We cross over the Gloucestershire border to tread our favourite walk. It is warm and blustery, but dark clouds loom in from the West country. We can see tendrils of rain falling, not a mile away; we are lucky and only have to shelter once.

Most fields are ploughed now and autumn is setting in fast. But there are still swallows looping low, feeding on the storm flies brought in with the rain.

We reach the little stone built village and sigh over the pretty cottages, with their abundant gardens. Many have vegetable plots and we cast critical eyes over their crops, seeing what has worked for them that did not work for us - and vice versa.

There are shy brown trout in the shallow, clean river. They are barely discernable against the muddy bottom, and soon whisk themselves away when they become aware of our scrutiny. We too, are being watched.

High points - the trout and the swallows.

Low point - finding our footpath blocked by bellowing, anxious Fresians and turning back to retrace our walk, like the cowards we are.


  1. Ploughing hasn't quite got underway here yet. The field opposite has been mole drained, mind we are on clay whereas you are more chalk and flint :D

    I used to love walking the cotswolds with my Grandfather

  2. They've started ploughing here, too. I love to see the patterns they make in the landscape.
    It's bloomin' windy for cycling here today but I may cycle the 5 miles to my Mum's tomorrow if it's not raining.

  3. It's so open and clean - not crowded with houses! We're ecstatic to have a 200x200 foot lot next to us that's earmarked as parkland so no one can build. Nothing like the vast openness you have:)

  4. I think life in one of those gray stone cottages could be very pleasant indeed.
    Such beautiful landscape photos.

  5. That wall of hay looks amazing - never seen it piled up like that! I loved making dens in the hay bales at the village stables as a kid. Now that would make one heck of a den!


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