Sunday, 27 September 2009

Escape to the woods Sep 27

I had forgotten how deadlines suck time away like a black hole. It is too easy to get mired down in work and let the day disappear. As it was a working weekend, my outings have been fairly short and on Sunday it was a mere jaunt to the woods, before everyone was up and about. We appear to be having a bit of a drought; the winter wheat is poking its head up, but the earth is dust and stones.
The heart of these woodlands is where I find total peace; they are the remnants of ancient woodlands which used to stretch over the county until they were gradually cleared to harvest timber and make room for roads and agricultural land.
With the gradual onset of autumn, they are tangled and wild; there is witchiness in the air as I quietly tread the little footpaths. The morning is getting older, and from the outskirts of the trees I spy a village basking in the sun.
Knowing I have a workload to get through, I keep my walk short and find the grassy lane which leads me home.
Ahead I can just spot the exit from this magical place, which will take me back to the fields.
Somewhere in the bushes, his rusty wheels perfectly camouflaged against the autumnal hedges, lies Hercules and in the distance I hear the timeless chiming of church bells.
We rattle back to the village, pleased to have avoided meeting too many people and even more pleased to find the honesty table laid out. I buy a large cauliflower which is destined for something cheesy and hot, and drop my payment in the box.


  1. I am in love with the 'honesty' table. Did you see any killer rabbits while on your walk????

  2. In the 2nd & 3rd pictures of the ancient woods, I truly believe if I stare hard enough, I'll see the fairies. They are just how I'd imagine a fairy wood to be.

  3. PG, you truly have taken us along to a magical place. I so agree with Mary Beth.

    I imagine that having that walk in the early morning really does something quite wonderful to your mind and spirit, that helps you to be able to press on with the deadlines.


  4. lovely, so beautiful and magical.

  5. Lovely walk....I love walking through woods, the only one near here though is strictly marked 'PRIVATE'. Got thrown out of it once, by the keeper, on a cycle ride.

  6. is that a public footpath 'cross that field?

  7. Yes, the picture above the honesty table shows the tread of the fotpath which is part of the D'arcy Dalton cuts across the top picture of the dry field, so if you imagine you are standing on the footpath, the field at the top is situated to your left, if that makes any sense.
    We have lots of footpaths, but never enough for me!

  8. Now, how is it that I didn't see this post earlier? Beautiful...but then again you know my view on England and more specifically, the Cotswolds. Aaahhhh, some of the best natural beauty around. I also love that people still use the honor system, sadly, I've noticed it is not practiced as much anymore in Southern California (yet more reasons...)


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