Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Daily Cycle September 2nd


Longer cycle today, eight miles instead of seven. Little detour to pick up eggs from a farm. Weather - cooler, grey skies, no sun. Very breezy and  the air is earthily moist, from the rain we had yesterday. Not much wildlife, but a bird of prey with a call I haven't heard before, more like a seagull.


Back through the muddy track by the woods, where the Dexter cattle herd quietly grazes. The ruts are puddling up again.

High point - finding an apple tree with elongated dark red apples growing on the wayside. I picked four.

Low point - getting caught in a drizzly shower as I neared the village, but it wasn't that bad.


  1. Oh I love this idea. As you know from Mary Beth, the Cotswolds was the favorite part of our trip to your fair isle. I love the old buildings and country. Hope you keep this up!

  2. Ha, ha, when I saw new blog I thought you'd simply discovered a new blog that you liked, but no, you are off and writing!

  3. Phewee! What fabulous pictures! I hope these inspire me to get out and cycle further. I have a cast iron excuse today though. I have a sore knee after falling off Merlin - yes, Merlin! Luckily, it wasn't a long drop, te,he! (a few inches)!

  4. Great blog, Gretel! I was going to get out on my bike today, but it's raining...what a wimp! LOL!


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