Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A quick spin Jan 18th

It's been over a month since I went more than two miles from the village, thanks to my workload, Christmas and the snow. I dutifully chained myself to my work desk again on Monday, stifling - not very successfully - a heavy sigh as Andy took the motorbike over to our new walk,
Akerman Street at Eastleach, to take photos. I hate being left behind. But later he returned and told me to grab my coat and helmet; the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. Work or no work, I grabbed my gear and was taken on a whistle stop tour of our patch looking at its most glorious in its winter colours. First we went to the top of the biggest hill, where we can survey our kingdom, looking towards the west. The views are vast and wide, and we were on top of the world, spotting the dear familiar landmarks of far off lanes and villages.

On to Swinbrook, most pretty of West Oxfordshire villages, where the Windrush has surged over its banks into the flood fields, providing small lakes for wild fowl.

A bright St George's Cross, the flag of England, flaps cheerily from the little church where I have taken many photos -
but that is another story for another day.

Taking the bike down narrow, twisting lanes, we stopped every so often simply to absorb the views, cold, steely flood water reflecting the soft, apricot light.

Another flood plain and an old farmhouse being renovated -

After so many weeks of the same scenery, it was breathtaking to be out and about.

One solitary, stately swan enjoying a temporary paddling pool.

Time to make tracks for home and head on up the winding lane.

As the dying sun began to steal what little warmth there had been, there was a last stop off to capture a solitary beech clump, which stands near
Shipton Barrow, just seen in the back ground. Sadly on private ground, so no exploring - just a final souvenir snap of a wonderful tour of our part of the Cotswolds.


  1. Delightful images as usual Gretters, you're a star.

  2. Gorgeous! I love that last picture especially, so stunning. I think that'd sell as a print or a card. :-)

  3. When was it you were going to take up landscape painting?

  4. Looks gorgeous, I am coming to visit as soon as I can!

  5. Hey Gretel...another wonderful stroll through your lovely Cotswolds. I especially like the last tree photo. The swan made me smile also ;-)
    Big hello to Andy and have a geat week.
    your friend,

  6. Hi Gretel...I just finished reading through all of your blog today...enjoyed it greatly...loved your walks on the footpaths, with unencumbered access from field to field. The views and commentary were beautiful!

  7. Fab-u-lous! PG, you have got a grand man there, who'd double back and urge to to grab a helmet so you'd be able to see such landscapes.

    Isn't it incredible that not long ago there was so much freshly fallen snow that single footprints in said snow was beautifully imprinted.

    Just love the colors in these pictures. Could gabble on much more, but think you've got my drift. No ... wait the drift's melted with the rest of the snow. xo

  8. beeyootiful! The Windrush valley is truly magical - we used to pass through on our way to Gloucester.

  9. Thanks for the lovely photo's, I love to see them. Your part of the Cotswolds is also my favourite and you take me back there everytime. I bet it was cold though!?

  10. Hi Cathy and thank you! It wasn't too bad while the sun was out, but you could really feel the temperature drop as it started to go down.
    Chrissie, you must know that big broad stretch of the Windrush which follows the road to Burford (and on the Gloucestershire, it is one of my favourite views.

  11. Drop dead beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing them Gretel. The soft muted tones of the landscape now revealed after the snow has melted are a feast for the senses.
    I'm itching to grab my passport, pack a bag and
    board the next flight for the U.K. Shall just have to satisfy that itch by looking at your lovely photos for the time being!!

  12. Hello.....

    How did I find your blog.... I’m not quite sure, but I’m pleased I did. I’m from the Cotswolds and I’m sure you must be familiar with my home town of Winchcombe. We left 16 years ago and moved to Wales.... but I always consider Winchcombe as home.

    I have so enjoyed this nostalgic trip back to the Cotswold by means of your beautiful pictures and interesting posts. Thank you. I shall call back again. Marion


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