Thursday, 14 January 2010

Last of the snow Jan 7

I have not left the cottage for seven days, and it's been even longer since we saw a bus. Thankfully I have a glut of work to keep me occupied, and we did catch the very best, sunny day to go walking, exactly a week ago. With the difficulties the snow has caused we are thankful that a thaw has set in and I hope to get out and about again. But that day, the snow was at it's best - so here are some memories from the Cotswolds, during what the media like to call 'The Big Freeze'.

Our familiar footpath leading away from the village -

Going up towards the estate farm, and my favourite line of trees.

Hardy sheep scraping back the snow to graze on frozen grass.

A pollarded willow alongside a snow hidden stream -

Walking up to the fields where a pair of ravens are nesting - they too were out and about, raggety-spilling through the cold blue sky with their wonky flight and
cronking calls.

Walking in the snow, we found, was quite tiring. Wait for me Andy - you've got the hot chocolate!

I said, wait for me!

Many of the footpaths were untrodden by anyone else except birds and animals. But the gamekeepers and farmers still keep an eye on things - they have landrovers.

This white expanse covers what is usually a crop field, and I have fond memories of walking through waist high rapeseed flowers, whose heavy scent to me is the very essence of Oxfordshire in high summer.

In deep winter however, it looks as if the badger has been the only walker on this path.

Apart from some large Andy-shaped boot prints, left from his walk the day before and already filled in with overnight snow.

After a four mile tramp through the snowy countryside, it was good to hit the road and have some easier walking, back to the village. I am looking forward to seeing some colour in the landscape again.


  1. Oh Gretel...that skeletal line of trees is just crying out to be captured on canvas or watercolor paper ;-) Once again, you manage to take us all to a better place, if only for a few minutes...thanks.
    your friend across the pond,

  2. Gorgeous pics Gretters & that amazing sky.

  3. Magnificent pictures. London is just a mass of grey slush!

  4. How unusual is this? Do you get some snow in the winter?

    Wonderful walk with you, as usual, GP!

  5. Thank you so, so much for taking us along on this walk. I would gladly trade you my week for yours.

    Seeing how you appreciate the beauty of this area throughout the seasons is wonderful to share via this marvelous web. How good that you did not move. Do you all also think this as of this new year? Perhaps I am being very selfish in just savoring the photos and words that you send out to us, showing what it just might be to wrap up warmly and head out under that clear blue sky to establish some firm footprints in the smooth snow. You and the badgers!

    Hoping that the larder still holds enough to keep your energy high. xo

  6. Lovely photos Gretel, at least it's been pretty the past week. Every time I hiked my way up to the shops through the ice & slush this week I have thought of you cut off from everything up there - hope your supply cupboard hasn't taken too much of a bashing. Finally managed to get my car out yesterday as it appears to be thawing at last...can't wait for a return to normality now, although all the walking through deep snow has given my thighs a great work out!

  7. Looks gorgeous! Do you need a food drop? I am desperate for the 'Big Thaw' but am not looking forward to all the stories about pot holes. I have already heard two!

  8. Lovely photos Gretel - I always love the look of snowy landscapes under a vivid blue sky!

    Hope the thaw is a quick painless one for everyone - our is almost done by the looks of things - even Dartmoor seems to've lost most of her white blanket! ;-)

  9. Look at that blue sky, it gives the snow great colour. Love the shadows in the last photograph.
    Walking in the snow is double the exercise I think?

  10. Beautiful pictures. Here in Lancashire the snow is finally disappearing under heavy rain.

  11. I am a first time visitor, came over from Janet's Empty Nest. You have a lovely blog Gretel, am looking forward to exploring it.

  12. Beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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