Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sweeping & rolling

Those precious late summer/early autumn days when there is faint tang in the air, yet it is still hot during the day.

Now that the cricket season is over, our days off can be spent rediscovering old and much loved tramping grounds.

These are all snaps of the stunning scenery around the Salperton Estate. There are decent footpaths running around it and they lead one through majestic, bosomy fields and valleys.

Above, our halfway stop, the picnic view.

Our walk is a good four and a half miles and as it nears the end, so too the afternoon begins losing heat and the air starts to feel moist and chilly.

We finish our ramble in the estate proper, the frigidly grand Salperton House pretends that we commoners are not there. It keeps a proper and dignified distance.

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