Friday, 6 April 2012

The last peep

This will be my last 'Cotswold Peep'. It's been many months since I posted here and I've realised that I've simply not got the time to keep two blogs going. Exciting things are happening and sometime this year, with luck, we will be moving over to the even more gorgeous county of Shropshire, next door to Wales.

It is lamb-time here and it seems right to end this blog with new beginnings. Because things never do end really, they just start somewhere else.

I'm really looking forward to a whole new area of countryside to explore. Of course, I'll be keeping my other blog going, and will be posting any other Cotswold/country things there, such as my latest post about the Uffington White Horse. The road goes on - and I'll be down it somewhere. Maybe around the next corner, with a small picnic and a couple of boiled sweets in my pocket.

Many thanks to everyone who's ever read, enjoyed and commented on this blog - I hope I've managed to share a little of my huge love of the area I've lived in for so long and it would be lovely if you joined my explorations of our new home, when we get there.

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