Thursday, 17 June 2010

Summer stroll

Our first little walk away from the village for weeks, just a two hour potter round a nearby footpath. The Cotswolds are glorious in summer, lush with greenery and basking contentedly under the sun like a plump cat. Our walk takes us through an extensive jumping area for a big stables, through a wide, manicured grassy track lined with hedges of dog roses.

I prefer the dirt track which comes later.

The hard sunbaked chalky earth is peppered with sculptured funnel webs and at the bottom of each darksome hole lurks certain death for unwary insects.

Further on are mixed grasses, clover and buttercups, contended hums and buzzings from our feet as the bees happily bustle about doing their vital work.

A strong, cool wind blows the worst of the heat from us, but it is still good to lie under an oak tree and watch the world from a different angle. Sun sparkles and tiny flies appear to glitter in the light as they dart about.

Reluctantly dragged to my feet and hustled upwards, where we stop to admire the view looking Westwards - 

- and turning into a wheat field to head back.

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