Saturday, 1 January 2011

Back on the bike

Today, January the first, seemed a fitting start to the New Year to get my cycling legs back. I haven't been out for a ride since breaking my arm back at the start of October and felt a bit nervous about my first outing. It was a cold, dank afternoon, with a hint of mizzle, but the snow is almost gone at last. Despite the gloomy weather, Marjorie and I were exuberant to be out again, rediscovering the freedom of the road.

There was barely a soul around. I stopped to say hello to the little Shetland pony who seemed warm but bored.

Stopping again to look at the thaw water swelling the stream.

This is our version of '
Downton Abbey', cunningly hidden by judiciously planted trees; this is as much as a commoner will see from the road, when winter has stripped the branches. Time to head back to the village and home, feeling properly hungry for the first time in weeks. Fresh air and exercise - can't be beat.


  1. How beautiful! I love the picture with the bike on the bridge,
    It makes me feel good just looking at it. Good for you.
    Happy New Year

  2. Very atmospheric photos. I especially love the pony's jacket!

  3. Great to see you back on wheels again. To start a new year in this way is a fine idea, and it's also good that you didn't overdo the pedaling on the first ride.

    I agree with the prior commenters that your photographs really do take us along with you. I could feel that dampness, and "hear" the silence. Thanks for giving us that word mizzle, too!

    Best wishes to you for a splendid 2011. I so enjoy visiting hereabouts. xo

  4. Beautiful photos! Glad you are riding again! Happy New Year! Carla

  5. Wishing you the most wonderful year of all. Ellen

  6. Happy New Year, Gretel! Wishing you health, happiness, a regular income for 2011, and lots of wonderful jaunts on your bike! x

  7. Very stunning photos. Love the bike on the bridge and coated pony. All remind my visits around Stroud.
    Wish you Happy New Year.

  8. Glad you are back on your bike and out and about again. I haven't watched Downton Abbey as it isn't DH's kind of thing. I plan to treat myself to the DVD and watch it when he's not around:)

  9. I love this post. It coincides with my memories of the Cotswolds from a trip many, MANY years ago. The trip was in summer, but never mind. It's all of piece in my memory. Those green country roads, hedges on either side. I could swoon.

    I have a much cherished picture of the Bay Tree Hotel which hangs above my bed. Can't even remember the location of this charming little place, but I know we had lunch there.

    Love the Cotswolds!

  10. Oh it's good to get outside for a bit isn't it - even if it is damp...your photos show that winter can still be beautiful in its own way.


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