Friday, 21 May 2010

Little walks

Sadly my last blog post was also the last time we managed to get out for a good long ramble. Since then, work has taken over again and I've been back in my studio. One thing I do try to do every day though - if only to stop myself going completely potty - is to get out for an hour or so every day. I need to feel space around me, to escape everything and everyone.

There are several footpaths round our village and although some might find doing the same walk day in day out rather repetitive, there are always new things to see, if you keep your eyes open. At one corner of a field there are usually hares to be spotted - if one is stealthy.

Or a birds nest tumbled from a tree, to be examined. Moss, pheasant feathers, horse hairs and grass...the softest, warmest bed for vulnerable little chicks.

Look, a tiny blue feather -

Fancy suggests that it may be a peacock feather, as there is a peacock in a village across the way - though I did wonder if it was a swallow breast feather.

I usually to do my walk in the morning, but sometimes I prefer to spend the day working and treat myself to an evening stroll. The light is different and if the weather is fine, a warm, golden balm coats the countryside...

...and the Moon rises to say a quick hello to the Sun before he sinks below the horizon. There she is, just above the trees, almost hidden in all that blue sky.

The horse chestnut avenue is looking spectacularly pretty, but already the 'candles' are dying back, revealing embryonic conkers - a reminder that this exquisite spring, my favourite season, is all too fleeting.

There are many small miracles to stop this daily walk becoming dull - but mostly it is enough to be out in the fresh air with the open sky above me.


  1. Love chestnut Avenue and if you enlarge the photo, you can see your lovely moon peeking out. I love seeing the moon in the day sky. It's like a teenager staying out past his curfew ;-) Thanks for another refreshing walk Gretel!
    your friend,
    Janet xox

  2. I identified with every word of this one. It describes my own walking patterns/processes/thoughts so well. I walked with my daughter on Friday and she complained about always doing the same walk, but I find something soothing about it. As you say, the countryside is always changing anyway.

    I just noticed that my wisteria has suddenly faded away and I can't help but feel sad. I look forward to May every year.

    Wonderful photographs, Gretel.

  3. I love your rambles! I feel as if I had been walking myself, now why aren't those pounds shifting!

  4. A lovely post and such beautiful countryside. Like you I'm happy doing the same walks and looking for changes as the year passes from season to season.

  5. The countryside is stunning at this time of year Gretel and you are right to make time to go out and end enjoy it - thanks for taking us on another lovely walk!

  6. PG, your sampling of the beautiful spring around you has really provided us with a feast.

    Thank you so very much. I love the notion of that feather once being connected to a peacock!


  7. Your walks are a treat. I have had my daily walked ruined by so called 'improvements'. It now does the opposite of what a walk ought to winds me up. The only place we have the orchids has had the surface scraped off by a farmer..thats another issue.


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