Sunday, 15 November 2009

Post-storm cycle Nov 15th

For two days, the view from the studio has been a little stormy. Rain lashed the windows and tiles trembled on the roof. This morning all was calm and clean, like a child who has screamed itself out and decided to be 'good again'.

I got up straight away, without even stopping for tea and took Hercules out for a quick spin, before most other people were stirring; even in the countryside the weekends are not the best time for a solitude-loving person to be out in. The river at the bottom of the hill has filled nicely; for months the water level has been sinking, and it is good to see it swelling fatly.

The sky was an aching blue, the brightest thing now that autumn's colours are fading to winter drabs.

There is a tiny village I go through often and this house, though not the quaintest, usually has cars parked outside it, so I snapped it for the record. It has a nice, neat doll's house feel, even if it is a little characterless.

I stopped on the hill to upright a wooden bench which had been buffeted over in the gales. Further on, there is a large wilding apple tree which still hangs on to it's fruit, golden baubles cheering up the hedgerow.

I stopped at the old mill, now converted to a house. The river was churning ferociously, thick with mud and silt. The power and roaring made me keep my distance; the bridge is quite low and one would not stand a chance of survival on falling in.

Sometimes I miss the sea.


  1. Oh us too!:) We enjoyed the blue sky & lovly fresh feel after a storm! Everywhere felt washed clean :)
    Our river looked like that too...very full !

    Beautiful photos, & just my kind of windowsill too :) xx

  2. Oh what a joy!! Thank you Gretters!!

  3. me too, I was out bright n early on my bike, with coco running along beside, I love the screaming child analogy(?) I love storms tho, we had fab thunder n lightening last night, lovely!

  4. More beautiful pictures. You live in an inspiring place :)

  5. nice sequence of photos, esp. river and then road. Two tongues.

  6. Thank you for such a refreshing post! Just lovely ~

  7. PG, your early morning response to that clear blue sky has certainly given the rest of us the benefit of your marvelous pedalling on Hercules. Thank you!

    Early Sunday also gave us promise of a beautiful day in New York. I was so lucky because it meant that I was very likely to be able to meet up with some dear friends. She is not in the best of health, and so weather always is a factor in our planning. He has just had a birthday, and I wanted to give him the silly, yet maybe also cheering gift that I'd crocheted.

    So. Clear day yielded great lunch and walk thereafter, and lots of talk and laughter. No sign of a churning river, or a grand expanse of sky, or wild apple tree. For that I will thank you!

    I will say that as we were walking up Park Avenue in the midtown area, we were amazed at how quiet it was. Perhaps all those folks who normally crowd those Park Ave. sidewalks Monday-Friday, were at home today, in some green landscape, a commuter train ride away.


  8. Looks lovely... and so peaceful after all that storm lashing.

    We, on the other hand, are halfway through a 4 day 'lasher'... torrential rains and wind. It's the wind that drives me nutters. Makes me as nervous as a cat. Hopefully the sun will come out here too...


  9. Greetings from coastal France, PG. I have so enjoyed my visit, viewing several posts at my leisure (one compensation for having 'flu. - there's got to be one!). Beautiful pix & informative commentary: thank you. And I can understand your nostalgia for the sea - Minnie.

  10. I could walk through there forever.


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