Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rain sets in Oct 20

Autumn's gold is turning grey. And when the Cotswolds are overcast, they are very gloomy indeed. But, rain or shine, exercise (albeit brief) must be taken. So we popped over to the woods for a quick leg stretcher.
Despite the dark skies, the central beech grove glows; it is as if we are standing in a copper lit temple, held up by the very trees themselves. Further on into the birch woodland, things become tangled and dank; skeletal twigs scratchily rustling in the damp breeze. The air smells earthy and moist - a clean, woodsy aroma as nature gently rots.
We have had such little rainfall that the fungi season has been set right back. Usually our woods can display around 250 varieties of fungi. Today we could not count them on one hand. We found one large bewigged fellow, somewhat munched on.
An ear fungus, pristine and glistening.
And, barely noticeable, tiny pinheads scattered over a rotting trunk.
There is someone having his lunch in there. He is only one centimetre long, but he is a devouring giant to these little snowballs.

From a spyhole on the edge of the woods, we see that more rain is coming in from the west. Time to go home. Time for hot chocolate and to search the cake tin for leftovers.

Today we lit the woodburner for the first time since Spring.


  1. Do you ever gather mushrooms to eat? Great photos; make me want to pull the blanket around myself.

  2. Yes Beth, we do, but so far have found nothing that we are familiar with, or anything growing in our 'pet' spots. You can eat the ear fungus, but they are pretty tasteless and chewy and gristly; just like an ear, in fact!

  3. Hot chocolate, cake and a fire........Heaven! Thanks for taking me on your walk ;-)

  4. I like the idea of a "copper lit temple." You captured it so well.

    Sadly, except for school runs and a brief foray to the post office and to feed the chickens, I didn't go outside at all today.

  5. Temple photo is a stunner....(crashes to floor).

  6. Your autumn is turning toward winter much more quickly than ours in New York.

    But. We dont have those copper lights either. And no mushroom hunting round these parts. (I remember tramping through some woodlands years ago with my UK pals, and being told that I'd planned my trip across the Atlantic just a bit too late. Still, I did get to see where those delectible mushrooms had been found!

    In Central Park the trees are just beginning to turn their burnished colors. Nothing much yet.

    Though we have had some soggy rains, it remains sweater weather. No need to pull out the coats yet.

    I just love seeing your peeps!

  7. At least you can enjoy some autumn colors.
    Have a look at my pictures from last week-end, you'll see there's no sign of copper colors, as we don't have beechs in this part of Catalonia.
    But we have sun, and it's getting colder now, a nice combination for autumn walks!

  8. What a wonderful set of photographs, so full of wonderful autumn colours.

  9. A little late getting to friends blogs lately, sorry. Oct. is such a busy month for me. Wow and we're just getting into the groove of fall and you're starting to look wintery. And gloomy, you say??? I LOVE gloomy, I'll take it! :) I loved your pics and am envious of the fact that you have all that beauty to just roam around in (*huge sigh*). Thanks PG :)


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