Monday, 28 December 2009

Local snippets

While Andy is working over most of Christmas, my walks are confined to how far my legs will take me. But I never tire of my routes - if one has any interest at all in nature, a simple ramble down a footpath will provide endless diversion. Are the catkins out yet? Is there any new growth? What birds are dotting through the hedge and what was squeaking from that clump of grasses?

It's another icy morning - the winter wheat is frosted as I look across to the Stow road.

Coming up to the farm, where smoke busily bustles from the chimney.

I cross over to the big field where last week it looked like this. Today there were no deer stranded in the middle, but they were taking cover in a nearby copse - the most I got to see of them today were bobbing white tails disappearing to cover.

Although the sun is pleasant, frost is still settled in sheltered areas. A little stream trickles sluggishly by my side.

In need of a really good wander, I carry on across towards the back of the woods, following the hedgerow in a long, lazy u-shape.

Unable to resist a nice line of trees -

Looking across towards a neighbouring village which overlooks us from higher up the hill.

There is a thin cloud of smoke hanging over the rooftops, as people keep their woodburners and fires going through the cold snap.

We are due for more.


  1. Beautiful pictures.

  2. My city eyes are now so refreshed! What fun it is to walk along with you. The wide expanse of sky just lifts my spirit.

    The final picture of the frosted leaves makes me want to take out my pencils and paints.

    Thank you for all these generous gifts to us viewers. xo

  3. As always, it's wonderful to share a walk with you,even though you're so far away. I was thinking of the differences recently between our situations, and would love to share them with you. I'm in America, about an hour's drive from Chicago, near the shore of the southern end of Lake Michigan. Even though we live in the country and have a tiny bit of land, there are very few public walks like you have. All land is private, or park,with short designated paths. We can walk on the roads, but there are no lovely ambles past the fields as you have. You can see one of my most frequent walks here at my blog, (

    I'm also curious about the allotment you mention. Does this mean that people are given a garden spot outside town to farm for themselves? Many of us garden, but it's on our own land, or occasionally a community garden spot, but yours looks much more substantial than the garden plots most of us have, and close in and friendly.

    I very much enjoy taking virtual walks with you, and appreciate the pictures. Thank you for sharing your strolls through your beautiful countryside with us. Karren in Indiana

  4. Finally is frozing here too. We're enjoying winter walks too near our rented tiny country house. And Rita, our cat, is always exploring the surroundings, looking for new place to climb.
    As usual I enjoy very much your walks, this time your winter pictures make me freeze, brrrr!
    But then it's so nice to return home and stay in front of the fire!

  5. Funny how half a world away I have almost that same photo of the frosty oak leaves in the grass. Happy New year from Amongst The Oaks.

  6. Hey, Miss Gretel...thanks for takin' me on your walk, again. Your posts, pictures and comments have made my 2009 a great blogging year. Blessings to you and your family for a wonderfully artistic, healthy, joyous and prosperous new year, 2010!


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