Friday, 18 December 2009

Short cold stroll Dec 18

While the South and East of the UK has been suffering (or enjoying, depending on your point of view) heavy snowfall, the Cotswolds has had a mere sprinkling, though it is bitingly cold. This morning the sun was up and, feeling thankful for my heavy army coat, I had an hour's potter round the village fields - starting at the allotments, where the winter veg are preserved in natural, earthy storage.

Going along the bottom of the field - although we have little snow, the earth is frozen and muddy quagmires can be walked over - the puddles creaking in protest.

Winter has stripped the hedgerows, and peepholes reveal normally unseen areas. Trip-trap, trip-trap, across the little troll bridge, the freezing wind sandpapering my cheeks.

More beautiful than any designer wallpaper, a line of trees stark against the cold blue.

Making a u-turn and looking across to my start point, the allotments just visible at the side of the village.

The straight path home, my lungs full of clean, icy air, glad to have been out in the open, if only for an hour.


  1. I love the photo of those trees...splendid! Stay warm Gretel ;-)

  2. So beautiful! I admire your spirit, hiking in the cold.

  3. Lovely walk Gretel. Will be taking one of my own shortly (in the snow!)

  4. Lovely, lovely countryside! And brave you, that cold wind could strip paint!


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