Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Four miles of snow

On my own in this freezing weather, as poor Andy is having to sleep over at work - impossible to get the motorbike out of the ungritted village, or even to the end of our lane without dropping it. What I needed was an afternoon's walking. Starting up at the allotments again, but turning the other way. This is a new route to me; the last time I tried this was a few years back and it wasn't even signed. Needless to say I got a little lost and inadvertently trespassed, so I haven't bothered with it since.

Familiar terrain becomes a fresh landscape when you can see a different aspect to it. Normally I would be walking along the road, between those houses.

At least the snow made it obvious where I was supposed to go - the paths are littered with spoor, some of them dog, but also dainty bird prints and bunny hops - the four feet kept so close together as Brer Rabbit landed, that it resembles a large paw print.

Such a clean, clear day and the stillness that intense cold brings.

I headed up towards the woods, to begin the turning of the circle.

The sun began to set, breaking through a copse of looming conifers.

Now I had to venture down what is normally a mired track. I was hoping the mud would have frozen solid - it had, though I had to pick my way carefully. There were some ominous cracks and squelches as I hopped from clod to snow capped clod.

Further on, the hedge trimmers were out - farming takes no holiday.
I turned just in time to catch sight of -

- dithering deer. With a trimmer roaring away either side of them and myself at the top of the field, they hopped about, trying to decide which way to flee, before skipping away to the only unoccupied area.

As the sun disappeared, my way home was followed by a pale sickle moon, and I was surprised to find I had been out for three hours, although my walk was only just over four miles. A splendid way of whiling away a solitary winter's afternoon.


  1. What a beautiful visual treat ...deep sigh. I love seeing your changing countryside (and your photography!). The photograph of the tracks is an all-time favorite!

    Did you get the tweet about being tagged? (I wanted the friends who read my blog, to meet you.)

  2. A lovely walk, yet again. Thank you!

  3. What absolutely beautiful photographs especially that last one. I haven't had chance to do a long walk with all the holiday things to see to but I'm pretty much there now so may well try to get out tomorrow.

  4. These are very beautiful photos. I am envious of your lovely walk.

  5. Is that a tiny crescent moon in the sky in the last photo? Beautiful. I have 18 inches of snow here in Virginia and it is lovely. Thank you for another wonderful adventure ;-) Stay warm Gretel!

  6. I love the pastel skies you get at the end of one of these clear, frozen winter days. I've been listening to that old German carol "Still, still, still" while I've been reading this post, and it has suited your beautiful photographs and words so well.

    The stillness is one of my favorite aspects of the wintry landscape.

  7. Fab photos as ever, Gretel. You manage to convey a great atmosphere and sense of 'place'.

  8. What beautiful countryside. I would have loved joining you on your walk ~ great photos, Gretel.

  9. I wish that I could have been along on this walk ... well, reading this post surely is pretty close to being there. I can imagine how the time passed by so quickly.

    Sorry about difficulty with my e-mail. I am not sure why some are not getting through. Actually just sent one to you, so hope that direction still works!

    Cheers! xo

  10. Lovely post Gretel. It makes me homesick but I am so pleased that the beautiful countryside is still there to be enjoyed by people with the eyes and heart and soul to appreciate it and record it for our delight.


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