Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day

A brief interlude to wish everyone who wishes to be wished, a happy St George's Day. Everytime I walk or cycle past a village church nestling in (still) unspoilt countryside I feel a small burst of happiness that I have the good fortune to live in England, with it's muddled but determined history, it's miscellanous jumble of race, religion and creed and our often understated ability to 'KBO'.*

Despite it's many faults, I would not live anywhere else on earth.

* 'Keep Buggering On' as coined by that greatest of Britains, Winston Churchill.


  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely sentiment. Brings back some very nice memories. I love where I live now, but I do feel very lucky to have lived for a time in the Cotswolds. I believe a piece of my heart is still there. Happy St George's Day to you too.

  2. Happy St George's Day to you as well. I agree that, with all England's faults, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. It's a beautiful country with a long and fascinating history - I'm always proud to say that I'm English.

  3. Lovely pictures. England seems like a beautiful country. I hope to visit one day. Carla

  4. happy st. george's day! thank you for
    the lovely photos, and i'm with you on

  5. Happy St George's Day back to you, PG! If I could see what you see as you roam round the country, I know I would feel just as you do. Just seeing your pictures and reading your words makes me feel connected to that land (where I think ancestors must have dwelt.)


  6. Happy St. George's Day to you! Love the England! I love where I am, but I've always had a spot in my heart for your beautiful country...enjoy the day!

  7. Happy St. George's to you PG. I've been twice, and enjoyed England immensely both times. Would event think about moving there, if I had no obligations to family or the rabbits, I just don't think I could move the rabbits....I love the sense of history everywhere, such a rich unpinning to the fabric of dailyness....

  8. Okay, Gretel, no need to rub it in :) Happy St. Georges Day to you too, from my English blood and heart ;)

  9. And the Hampnett secret is?????? I don't know what St. Georges Day is, but I wish you and Andy a glorious one! I spent the day in Amish country and you would have loved it Gretel...the farms are meticulous and lovely...some of the prettiest farms I've ever seen. I will be putting together a post with photos for you soon.
    your friend,
    Janet xox
    PS...wonderful photos as always!

  10. I have been on this site many times and each time I am here I am transported to the beautiful and magical Cotswolds where I have had many happy holidays and where my sister used to live.
    You are truly blessed to be lucky enough to live here - and it shows.
    Be well and thankyou.

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us. I'm fortunate to have traveled in England, and I believe there's a little magic there. I hope to visit again someday.


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