Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hampnett 21/3/10

With so many deadlines to finish in the studio, it's been a few weeks since I have been out and about. It's a horrid situation, but unavoidable. The last tramp we had was to a little village called Hampnett. It nestles quietly in a little dip, as it has done for hundreds of years. There is the church which we intended to visit.

Seen from the edge, little seems to have changed, save for cars and television aerials.

The central green has a clean spring which trickles happily along, turning into a flowing stream. It's source is just in the middle of the picture here, if you follow the greener grass of the stream edge.

We sat on the slope and had our little picnic.

Then followed the winding path up to the church

This simple looking church contains a rather unusual secret.

Of which more, later.


  1. O very intriguing! What could it be?

  2. What a quaint little village! I can't wait to hear about the church. Carla

  3. You're such a tease! Andy....tell her to play nice...;-)

  4. PG, you've given me a true spring treat with the approach to this church with a secret.

    I sympathize with your dealines, and also feel that my true views of the joyeous springtimeis being held back by a leash held by the workplace.

    Yet...even so, spring does work its magic. Days lengthen, green appears stronger each day, joined by many pastels in various blooms in trees, shrubs and ...actually ground-based flowers. Aren't all these gorgeous? xo

  5. Hope the lovely Spring walk reinvigorated you - thanks for the photos!

  6. i love it when you 'tramp' around and let us see!

    such lovely countryside.


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