Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Snowy Cotswold Christmas

Seasonal greetings from the Cotswolds to all! Great Britain is undergoing it's coldest winter since records began in the 1890's and here in our patch we have had even worse snow than last January. On Christmas Day we set off for a morning walk around the fields, before everyone else emerged after lunch.

A little brook, half frozen at the edges, but still sluggishly trickling towards a larger tributary of the Evenlode river, a couple of miles away.

The most familiar of paths are transformed -

- and the broad fields are pristine, save for the meandering tracks of wild creatures. The horizon is softened by an icy haze.

The dullest of dead vegetation metamorphosis's into ice sculptures -

- and the stark, sleeping trees appear sepia-black against the sky.

The horse chestnut avenue leading towards the farm -

- and my favourite line of trees looking delicately skeletal; in summer it is a plump lushness of greenery,
as seen here.

A welcome stretch of cleared road and the rare sight of tarmac.

To the right of the tree line, the big house seen from the side.

As we come off the road and turn back into farmland, the snow becomes deeper and completely unsullied, undulating over the ploughed trenches like a white desert.

Looking back to see the deep path we have trodden; it was only a few months ago that I was walking here on cracked, baked earth, brushing through chest high wheat, the sun hot on my back, feeling slightly spooked by the whispering of the dried corn heads.

Wait for me Andy - I'm still taking photos!

Time to head home - the village is but a few minutes away, through the hole in the hedge - there is the church and spire beyond, just seen through the freezing mist.

Winding tracks in the snow, where the allotments have been a larder for the rabbits and hares - and goodness knows they need it. Next week the temperatures rise and we will have rain. Despite the stunning beauty of the snow, I think animals, birds and humans will breath a collective sigh of relief as life gets back to normal.


  1. Lovely...lovely...lovely!
    Was there hot chocolate waiting for you both at the cottage?

    I have always loved the blue sky and bright snow right after a big the combo of frosty white and icy magical. However I am sure 'magical' is not the word Andy would use to describe it ;-)

    Janet xox

    Happy Boxing Day!

  2. Not only is it beautiful, I'm glad you had your Andy to share it with. Hope your Christmas was very happy this year.

  3. I am so glad that you are feeling well and able to take this walk through such transformed beautiful land, and that you've got Andy back home to walk along with you.

    Happy Boxing Day.

    This evening in NYC, we are perhaps a third of the way through our first snowy blizzard of this winter. The city is transoformed, and, if the wind were a bit less stiff, and the thunder and lightning would just stop, I might also want to go out with my camera.

    But. No. It's wonderful to be warm indoors, finishing supper, feeling quite noble about shoveling lots of snow this afternoon to clear the sidewalk and entranceway to the shop, knowing that the snow would cover my efforts with its smooth blanket very quickly. (Supposedly at a rate of two inches per hour.)

    Bet the view from my windo will be gorgeous tomorrow morning. Also bet that I will hear lots of City snow plows scraping the streets all night. This is New York, and commerce and business, etc. must prevail on Monday.

    Tonight is magic. xo

  4. Beautiful!
    Blizzard here in NY.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Such beauty! I am so glad the Andy is safely home.
    Sending love for a wonderfilled new year, e.

  6. Beautiful pics. I'm glad Andy got back for Christmas.

  7. beautiful weed stick ice sculpture....


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