Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Weather - changeable

Too bitterly cold to take the motorbike out, so today we confined ourselves to a brisk, bracing walk outside of the village. The bright sun did nothing to warm us.

Especially as there were ominous clouds moving in from the East, blown along on a thin, cutting wind.

In the distance we could see something - sleet, rain or snow - being dumped from these gloomy giants.

Soon they were swallowing the blue sky and we hurried back as fast as we could across claggy fields. Then it arrived.

More snow. Tiny powdery dots hurtling towards us in a frenzy. Dramatic, but nothing to worry about.

Just a little reminder that winter is not quite done with us yet.


  1. I love those first moments, when the snow blows in
    and starts swirling about .
    Beautifully captured by your photos ... .

    (in snowy New Mexico)

  2. Mother Nature does love to tease us, doesn't she? Love the clouds. Winne the Pooh blustery day here in Virginia. Finally stopped snowing ;-) Oscar and I are getting ready to have a spot of tea and some scones and jam...kettles singing....have to go! Thanks for the walk.

  3. I was rushing along in front of you. Great photos though.

  4. PG, you've given me a new word in this post ... claggy. I do like it, think I get its meaning.

    Definitely get the beauty in those photos. I just marvel at you actually being able to see so much sky ... good for weather forecasting.

    New York's still in the final stages of a genuine blizzard. Snow began to fall just around midnight (jazz reference doncha know) and created lots of icing on our city cake today. By the time I went out for a few groceries in late afternoon, lots of street scraping had taken place, and the unsightly slush was overtaking the previous frosting.


  5. That first photo is so deceptive, looks sunny and warm and the clouds in the second photo seemed to be skimming the trees. That was a dramatic change to snow.

    We have blowing snow, 8 to 10 inches, depending on where you walk. More to come too!

  6. I love the stories you make with your pictures and words you are very poetic. I would have just written 'Snow! Argh!'

  7. These are beautiful! Gretel, I really think a photography book is calling out to made here...eye candy for sure.

  8. It's been stunning, hasn't it? I'm in the Cotswolds too :)


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