Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Rain arrives 6 Oct

Looking backwards from where I've been

We woke today to find autumn rain being blown against the window. It is the first real rain we have had for weeks, and dark skies were sweeping in with intent, as if to make up for past neglect. I tried to nip out between showers and for a while I thought I had escaped the worst as I watched a particularly brooding cloud bustle its wet way across to Oxford.

But inevitably I got caught by another,and endured a wet journey round the lanes, rain streaming down my specs and into my eyes. By the time I reached the flat road on the last lap, it had fizzled out again.

The big ruts in the track by the woods are filling up again and I had to get off and push; neither Hercules nor I are equipped to deal with stony paths and we prefer to walk this part.

The stubble fields are muddy gold, like a drenched Labrador. I sent a text Andy to let him know I was nearly home and there was a cup of tea waiting for me when I returned windswept and wet; but nothing a hot bath and a bowl of porridge couldn't sort out.

High point - it is lovely to finally settle into real autumnal weather.

Low point - rain in my eyes and trickling down my neck.


  1. High point - reading your post.
    Low point - waiting for the next color reed to come out of the dye bath!

    We had a beautiful sunny, though cool morning here. So far, he leaves are without their customary color ... It's been dry of late. How nice to have a cup of tea waiting for you.

  2. Autumn came to Cornwall today too, luckily without too much rain. Coming home to a hot cup of tea sounds lovely. :-)

  3. Perhaps wet but non the less enjoyable!

  4. PG, those photos of the big grey skies surely said rainy countryside. Glad that you did get your exercise, and that both you and Hercules got home safely.

    Think that we are due for lots of rain here tomorrow. It's just not so pretty in the city!

  5. The stubble fields are muddy gold, like a drenched Labrador......your phrasing is wonderful! I love going on your bike rides with you, if only it would have a positive effect on my weight also ;-)

  6. I joined a cycle tour around Bangkok at the same time as your autumnal soaking. It rained here too, making visibility awkward through the glasses. At least it was fairly warm rain; back to York next week where I suspect I will bump back to reality; weather wise at least.

  7. OH! How I miss rain! :) Loved your post and pics as usual...are you getting tired of hearing that or what? :) Stay warm...


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